Autodesk Revit software is big help to architects and engineers nowadays. With a number of features it provides, it can make any design project look easy and accurate. However, the cost of this software can be high which dissuade professionals from availing this software.

But with the number of benefits it can provide, we can all say that the advantages outweigh the cost and here’s why:

Work more on 3D modelling for your design


Traditional architects still opt on using 2D models for their design. But in this changing world, you need to up your skills in order for the people involved in the project appreciate your design more. With Autodesk Revit software you can strong design and be more confident on presenting them to anyone. 3D models gives viewer different perspectives which is hard to come in a 2D model. Revit training in Abu Dhabi includes this subject on their training manuals to ensure that students are well-guided on creating 3D designs for their structural models.


Accuracy of the BIM details


One of the key advantage of Autodesk Revit is that it can store even the littlest data and parameters that belongs to a certain architectural elements which is called the “family”. The family contains specific information that details everything about the element – from the dimensions to the make of such element.


Save times


Another benefits of Revit is that it saves architects time when it comes to edit and updated the measurements. With 2D models, you need to start from the scratch to edit specific elements and parameters. That can take up time and would probably cause delay on project timeline. Revit allows user to edit real time and see the changes real time as well. Revit training Abu Dhabi instructors teach their trainees to take advantages of this feature, especially when it comes to presentations.


Promotes collaboration


Autodesk Revit is not just a 3D modeling software but a semi-project management tool as well. It has features that allows user to share the parameters within the group through tags and schedules. Through this, everyone can see if there are changes made on the design and the model and also leave comments, notes, and feedback for easier communication.


Documentation makes easy


Documentation is pain for architects but an important part of their task. With Autodesk Revit, they can store their documentation on specific elements and ensure that no details will be missed. If the team needs to see a particular data, they can just check the model and documentation and simply pull out the data. Revit also enables user to save the project on accepted industry formats for reference.