A, B and C is not enough to groom kids. There is need of something more to develop their personalities and mind-sets. Thus, schools should have different activities to nurture them into better humans. Some of the activities which they should introduce are:

  1. Reading and Writing: Try to install the culture of reading and writing. Reading books of different genres can tell them a lot about their culture, society, and people of the world and about the globe as well. Writing, on the other hand, will improve their skills to express themselves. The skill of reading and expressing yourself will groom their personality. They will help them in personal development and help them to become a better human being. To make this interesting, you can organize competitions for students that a prize will be given to a student who reads the most number of books. Besides this, teachers can give them task of writing different stories and poems which they always want to write. Furthermore, teachers should work on increasing library resources for students. They should add more interesting books that can engage them. 
  2. Theatre plays: Schools should have theatre and drama society in which students are taught to act and given different roles to play in different dramas. This activity will improve their speech and language skills because they will learn to pronounce new words. Secondly, they will come to know about language and speech styles of their forefathers and other countries because they may be given task to read certain dialogues in certain way. This will make them more tolerant and broad-minded.
  3. Public speaking: Communication is the main part of every person’s life because it is involved everywhere. Teachers and school should organize different contests like declamation contest and debate competitions. They should be taught skills of speaking in a community or in public gatherings. They should be taught that how they fight via words with the help of proofs. They should be taught different skills to present themselves well via speaking and communication. This will help them to appear confident and these are the skills which will increase their self-confidence and turn them into a better human.
  4. Arts and painting: Arts and painting play an important part in grooming kids. Therefore, there should have lessons of painting beautiful sceneries of their countries or painting such picture that can depict culture of their state or community. They should be taught sketching, abstract art, contemporary and traditional. They should be shown modern art to know that how much our art has been evolved. There should be the installation of art and crafts store Dubai so that they can buy different paints and canvas for cheap!