Couple therapy in Dubai or marriage therapy is a term that is coined about the ways that are adopted in order to make the relationship of spouses able to be rebuilt. It is a delicate relationship which should be strengthened by a good conduct. This is done to resolve the issues and conflicts arising due to a number of factors. The damage or the ruining of the relationship needs to be repaired. The couples to seek this therapy at a point when it is almost irreparable are less likely to establish the same level of bonding as before.

It largely depends on how you conduct yourself. Leaving an argument and coming to an agreement is the toughest thing you are forced to do. Contrary to it, this therapy is done so professionally by the psychotherapists that it seems to be comparatively easier to resolve the relational problems. This may take a long period of time or probably hard work to manage it but the success is assuredly achieved at the end of it. The reason on the base of which the couples seek the therapy can be:


Lack of communication

This is the most common reason due to which the conflicts arise. Your family or your relationships should be your priority. Both the partners need to give quality time to each other. Nowadays this factor seems to prevail more severely than it was back in the day. The reason is the manic routine of work in which it is almost impossible to spare some time for each other. This causes a lack of communication. Communicating with each other helps to understand each other’s problems and better solutions can be devised.


Attitudes of individuals

Attitudes can make or break a relationship. The worst attitude that plays a major part in breaking a relationship is anger. It has to be dealt which can otherwise prove to be dangerous. Relationship counseling in Dubai can work effectively for this problem.


Family system

Family systems can become a cause of conflicts. In some societies, the joined family system is seen to be involved in creating a lot of problems within one family or between families. This can give rise to conflicts between partners.



If one of the partners is unfaithful then it is almost impossible to build a firm relationship. The factor of unfaithfulness must be watched by the one doing this unfair conduct. Trust should be built and strengthened only when you are faithful to each other.